Huge space before title note in side menu

What I’m trying to do

So I’m trying to remove or reduce this spaces between title note and the vertical line of folders. I’m not using any themes and I’m just using plugins that shouldn’t affect this (admonition, periodic notes, advanced tables, calendar, cmenu, emoji magic), it seems when I downloaded the app it came like this. I’d like the note title to be aligned with the folder title

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You might be able to adjust this with CSS snippets. (See at the end of my reply.)

I don’t know when this changed, but I notice the spacing has changed since previous versions. There were at least a few threads talking about this.

This is one of the only ones I could find. But I remember a Feature Request. How to remove space before file name in a folder

And just to show you some of the flexible things you can do with CSS. I added a snippet that makes a folder icon, which makes it easier to see what is a folder and what is a note.


.nav-folder .nav-folder-title-content:before {
  content: "\1F4C2"; /* open folder character  */
  padding-right: 8px;
} .nav-folder-title-content:before {
  content: "\1F4C1" ;    
  padding-right: 8px;

And, to maybe solve your problem. I don’t know if this is the best way. You could add negative margin to the nav-file element. -10px or -1em or something like that.

.nav-file {
  margin-left: -10px;

Ok, but how can I acess the .nav-file? I’m at devtool of obsidian

That CSS rigmarole shared should work as is in a CSS snippet:

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Looks like the change happened in v1.3.1 Catalyst (v1.3.3 public) as part of the solution to Outline formatting is misleading/misaligned when only some nodes have children (heading indentation)


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