Huge lag : my vault take minutes to open, when i open a note, it takes minutes to appear

Steps to reproduce

I try to open a note and it happens nothing, the note will not download. I’m in safe mode, without any CSS snippets… When i open a sandbox vault, i don’t have the problem. i think this is a huge lag because the note will then open like 1 minute after.

There’s nothing to download, the note should be on your computer.

This does not follow the bug report template, I am gonna move this to the help section.

Something odd is happening indeed. As WhiteNoise said, there is nothing to download since all the Markdown files are stored on your computer (unless you’re syncing to an encrypted container stored in the cloud).

I recommend creating a new folder and then copying over all your Markdown files to it, and then point Obsidian to that new Vault location.

Yes sorry i Didn’t mean « download » in this sense, but in fact it happens as if it was downloading because when i click on a note, it only will open minutes later, so it’s lagging.

I Will try your proposal Thanks

The debugging steps are here. I’d try all of those, in order, as well:

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