HTML <img> and 'video' tags are not working in obsidian

What I’m trying to do

I want to use HTML <video> tags because it offers more options such as autoplay, hiding controls etc.

but the <video> / <img> tags display nothing, I have tried linking to files that are in the same directory as the .md document as well as a /media/ directory inside the vault.

Things I have tried

I created a new default vault, with no configurations and tested the following document:

# With Markdown Tags


# With HTML Tags
<img src="./img1.png"></img> 

<video src="./vid1.mp4"></video> 

<video src="/media/img2.png"></video> 

<img src="/media/vid2.mp4"></img> 

The vault folder structure is:


But as you can see HERE, the Markdown tags work but the HTML tags are not working at all.

I am on the latest version of Obsidian and Windows 11. I would appreciate if anyone confirm for me if this works for them

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried with doc/img1.png?

I’ve gotten something like this to work formerly, and then I used some scripting in order to get the proper start of the full path. Search the forum, and you might find it. (I’m a little busy but just wanted to mention that it can be done)

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The FR and discussion for relative links is here:

For now, this works with images:

<img src="file:///Users/USER/Desktop/123.png"/>

For video, this shows me the first frame but there are no video controls:

<video src="file:///Users/USER/Desktop/123.mp4"/>

Thank you to both of you, with your help I figured it out.

This path structure (fileo///<absolute path>) is found by opening a local image in Firefox (it will not work with videos). On the page displaying the image:

  • Right Click
  • Inspect
  • In the <img> tag, you will find the path

All the following styles work, the folder is external to the vault. It works both for video/img:

<video src="file:///C:/test99/vid.mp4" autoplay nocontrols></video>
<video src="file:///C:/test99/vid.mp4" autoplay></video>
<video src="file:///C:/test99/vid.mp4"></video>
<video src="C:\test99\vid two.mp4" autoplay></video>   // You can have spaces in the path
<img src="C:\test99\Clipboard Image.jpg"></img>

example - 1

<img src="C:\test99\Clipboard Image.jpg"></img>

example - 2

<video src="C:\test99\vid two.mp4" autoplay></video>

example - 2

<video src="C:\test99\vid two.mp4" autoplay></video>
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What I’m trying to do

I want to start using <video> exclusively from now on over ![](/path/to/video.mp4), simply because it offers much more control, autoplay, loop, hide controls etc.

Things I have tried

But for some reason, <video> tags do not work if the path is relative to the current .md file or the vault. It will only work if I provide a full path in this format:

<video src="file:///C:\Users\ralf\documents\markdown-env\vid.mp4" autoplay nocontrols></video>

None of the following work:

<video autoplay loop  muted src="./vid.mp4"></video> 
<video autoplay loop  muted width="500" height="300" src="vid.mp4"></video> 

This recording shows a video in a .md file, in a clean Obsidian vault. The video is not being shown. The same .md file is open in VsCode in the background and the video is playing:

I am on the latest version of Obsidian and Windows 11. I would appreciate if anyone confirm for me if this works for them

Thanks for any help.

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Sorry if I’m missing the reason this was a separate thread.

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