How will WYSIWYG handle certain dual-mode features like mermaid and plugins like dataview?

(This may not be the right forum topic but it seems the closest fit as I write this)

When WYSIWYG comes will we still have two modes (edit/preview) or will they merge into one unified view?

Reason I ask is because certain plugins (e.g. dataview) and built in things like Mermaid only render results in preview mode and use edit mode to write the syntax.

If the views are unified then will there be a per-component toggle to edit the feature inline? (e.g. to write LaTeX or queries or charts etc)

Or will we be able to edit markdown while in “preview” mode but still have to toggle to “edit” mode to make changes to content in these embedded code blocks?

I think it’ll be like the one in Typora shown here

iirc WYSIWYG will be an addition to source and preview.

Excellent thank you.

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