How to

Things I have tried

Search online in forum and google for this, read the doc

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make a button that makes a new note that links the note I’m currently in in one of its dataview metadata fields. (A book note in which to make a chapter note, a course note in which to make a class note, etc. where, when I make the chapter note, its “book” / “course” field is filled with the book or course note where I used the button.)

I think what I need is to selectively replace a line with the current note when I call the template. It seems simple, I just haven’t been able to find how to do that from the documentation.

I realized I can call a separate template with the button than my usual template that I use to make notes (not from book/course notes, so no need to insert metadata).

Thank you in advance for help! Much appreciate this community!

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