How to work with a vault in OneDrive?

I am thinking to switch to move my vault to OneDrive to sync both work and home. How to show that folder to my local Obsidian installation both home and work computers?

For me it works quite simple. Just open the vault from the synched location. Even on Android it works when using a 3rd Party synch tool.

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It works perfectly fine. I am using this setup from the moment I started working with Obsidian (March 2020). In that period I never had a problem.
Working in Obsidian on different computers and always have my Vault at hand in Onedrive when on the road.
Even if I don’t have a computer with Obsidian at hand (or iPad) I can still read the Markdown files in the Onedrive interface because it shows them in a nice preview mode.
Remark: Using the standard OneDrive App on all devices (OSX en iOS)

Nice, what 3rd party sync tools would you use for this?