How to white label Obsidian Publish (in the footer)


I’m looking to be able to remove the “Powered by Obsidian Publish” at the footer of Obsidian Publish sites - is this possible?

Custom CSS somewhere in the files?



Did you ever find answer to this @rednavel ?

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I don’t use Obsidian Publish to be able to test this, but can the div class (site-footer) be targeted? From the inspector:

<div class="site-footer">
<a href="">Powered by Obsidian Publish</a>


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A paying customer shouldn’t have to worry about branding… You think Interactive Graph cloud, that too, with the branding can be removed?


The graph cannot be targeted with css at the moment.

I don’t think he was talking about the graph, I thought he was addressing the “Powered by Obsidian Publish” in the footer?

Can this be removed?

I would really appreciate if someone could answer that one.
I know it’s possible because I’ve seen vaults being shared online that don’t have this “Powered by Obsidian Publish” in the footer.

For example:

I just don’t know how.


To remove footer from Obsidian Publish site you can should use custom CSS:

.site-footer {
 display: none;

or with using CSS variables:

.published-container {
  --footer-display: none;

You are also able to overwrite default text:

.site-footer::after {
  content: 'your custom text';
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Hey man, that worked, thanks a lot for the answer.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I still don’t know how to proceed with whitelabeling graph in my Obsidian Publish site. In app.js I found a way to do it?

It should be possible to remove text “Powered by Obsidian”:
this.hidePowerTag = !1
or put custom text:
var t=this.text=new PIXI.Text("Powered by Obsidian",this.getTextStyle());

But I don’t know how to overwrite PIXI settings and re-render PIXI.container :frowning:

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Hello, Will this works also in Obsidian Publish ?
I try 3 options but not working.

Also this one do not works : Help removing 'powered by' from footer and page titles


.site-footer {
    display: none !important;
    font-size: 0px;

I try all 4 options in different folders, but no, not working.
The publish.css works and actually activated a community theme, but this code, I really do not get it where should be placed. in which folder?
Need to be published, so must be in the vault, where? in the community theme folder ?

I don’t use publish.

Core info here.

Same question answered here (presumably still correct).

Thank you for the follow up. I believe each theme need a custom css to actually address the footer issue.

Standard css code may only works on dafoult theme for Publish. So the CSS must be costumized to fit the theme in use probably.
Not sure anyway thanks again.

So above solution are not useful since when merging common css to hide footer in the publish file.

Also note: placing a snipped file in the main vault will disable the publish file functionality to allow custom theme in Obsidian Publish.

We just hope the paid setrvice will allow whitelabeling in the future more easily.

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Is there another way besides with CSS to remove it the “Powered by Obsidian” text from the graph?

There is a solution here for the graph but I can’t get it to work: Customize "Powered by Obsidian" on graph view - #4 by sol