How to view notes as pages that can be turned

What I’m trying to do

I want to scroll a note horizontally as if I were reading a real notebook.

Which platform or device are you using?

Windows 10

And are you using a mouse or trackpad, or other?

Shift-scroll might work, depending on the type of view you are in.

Otherwise, can you please give more information, or a screenshot? Are you trying to scroll in an area that already has a horizontal scroll bar? Or are you trying to format your notes in a different way? (You tagged this as “custom-css”.)

Imagine that when I open a note, I want to see it in my mind’s eye as though I were reading a book with a certain height and that I had to slide horizontally to turn the pages, much as in a physical book. It does not bother me if it can only be done in reading mode or from a certain view. I do not want to have to scroll the whole length of my note just vertically. My goal is to make my note feel a little more realistic, like it would if I were actually using a physical notebook.
With a mouse, that is.

So you mean you want to have pages, and turn the pages? That seems quite different than “scrolling horizontally”.

I’ll rename your topic to be more descriptive. If I misinterpreted, please let me know.

I personally have no ideas for this.

Yep, that’s exactly what I want.