How to use Todoist Sync Plugin in a Page that already has alot of stuff written down?

So I used it in a empty page and it worked there.

But if I use it on a page that already has alot of stuff on it then…

this happens. For some reason everything below that just start to have the big block too. Any idea on how to fix that? I’m trying to add like a “daily” recurring event. If it didn’t made sense cause it says Birthday in the screenshot then that’s just because I copied it from the empty page I just mentioned, I was planning on changing the word after I paste it.

I don’t think what you’re experiencing is directly related to the Todoist Sync Plugin, but is more a general matter of markdown formatting. Codeblocks need to be the first element, and when you do - ```todoist, it’s just something weird markdown code. This can further be seen with the code block actually starting below your red frame with the next bullet point.

So one of adressing this is possibly to format your text more like the following example:

- List item 1
- List item 2
   console.log('Another block')
- List item 3

That is indent the code block on a new line, to match the indentation level of the list. In my cases this gives the illusion of the block level being a part of the list, and not outdented to the main level.

A few links talking about similar issues:

Hope this helps, and gives you a way to handle your situation.

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