How to use the or a property "priority"?

Thank you, I see. But I did that in the first place for the search to succeed as discussed above… All a bit very complicated for a normal user without a technical background or much, much time to go through all those intricacies…

Thank you for clarifying all of that in detail. Something to reflect upon when using it, indeed…

It seems like a given property can only have one type, so decide on one and stick with it, and change those with the warning to match your chosen type.

In either case, you could have used this [priority: /[1-5]/] to search for all properties having priority as part of the key name, and either of the numbers 1 through 5 somewhere in the value part. This also matches both number and text variants.

And as previously stated, I believe, the search result can’t sort its result based upon the priority. To do that you would need to use something like Dataview and a query such as the following:

LIST priority
WHERE priority
SORT number(priority) 

The number(priority) is only needed as long as you still have got any priorities written as "2" or similar.

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Thank you, it works, that is very helpful, too.

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