How to use template values in conjunction with eachother

Things I have tried

I’m trying to use the QuickAdd extension to achieve something like this:
{{VALUE: a}}
{{VALUE: b}}
{{VALUE: a*b}} ← as new value

What I’m trying to do

What I’m trying to do is: have a template setup that takes different values like showed above, and some of the values result in a mix of previous values.

As an example, let’s say I have a single note for an uni exam: one of the attributes is exam_score: x, and another is weight: y (as in weight of the note in the final note of class. So ultimately I wanted to have a attribute called ‘weighted_note’: x*y.

I come from Notion, so there I just had to have 2 fields, as numbers, and a third field as a formula which would take the previous ones and calculate it.

PS: It doesn’t need to require ‘QuickAdd’, I was simply using it already so that’s why I was trying to find a solution through that extension. I’m also looking at Templater but apparently that probably intel writing a script just for that, which I’m fine with I guess just prefered a more straightforward solution.

I’m not really sure how to do this, but I think that Database folders, Metadata Menu, and maybe Projects plugins have options for formula fields & calculations, so that might be another place to look.

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