How to use Tags

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I used #tags to identify topics as well as dates… less so for status.

For me it was an amazing benefit NOT using tags for dates. I decided to use variables like „date“, „created“ or „year“ instead within my YAML frontmatter. So now it is easy to generate filtered lists and tables with Dataview plugin.


Yep, I have been working towards using YAML/DV date fields, but haven’t yet found a schema that quite fits or that I am consistent with. I think it might happen in
targetdate:: 2023
if I have time to futz with it. But I am in this betwixt stage now #2023y [[2023y]].

I understand tags like #role/author

I kind of understand #index

But I don’t get #theme

Or is the actual topic appended as for the roles?

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That totally depends on the topic!

Notes about different customers are better stored in folders - they could even be in different vaults. You normally don’t want them to be mixed.

Same for anything that just needs the same note names!

B /

So your “tags over folders” may be applicable if otherwise no other reasons demand for folders :wink:

Just saying…

Cannot edit the above anymore (I HATE that):

And, where there is no need to access your content with other Apps then Obsidian :wink:
If you need audio files or PDFs or images or even markdown files that belong together, you will that they are in folders and not spread somehwhere or - worse - together with thousands of not-related files.

So, again - it depends!

@tja, Yes it is like: #theme/gardening

Here is the the top of my #theme/… list:

But, as you see it from the numbers, my notes are not completely tagged. I use the theme-tagging only for clustering my “important” notes.

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