How to use inline within an aligned block?

I just started using Obsidian yesterday and haven’t previously used markdown. I’m trying to align some text for my Math notes using

< div align="center" >[*aligned text here*]< /div >

but my inline-code won’t work when I do this. Specifically, I want to align the text:

"$\mathbb{R}$n = all ordered $n$-tuples of real numbers (*x1,x2,x3,...,xn*)"

which works and is formatted correctly on its own, but when I try to align it by sandwiching it between the “div” lines, the $\mathbb{R}$ and $n$ show up just like they are now, and not reformatted as MathJax symbols.

Does anyone know how to center text that utilizes some inline code?

I’ll attach some pictures of the code. The top is what happens when I try to align the bottom code. Ideally, the formatted bottom line is what would be centered.

Picture of raw code:

Picture of formatted code:

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