How to use dataviewjs to list files with the tags in metadata behind the file link

Hi friends. I am trying to use dataviewjs to list all my files with the tags in metadata right behind the file link. That should be like

  • <A Clickable File Link>: #tag1, #tag2, #tag3
  • <Another Clickable File Link>: #tag4, #tag5, #tag6

I am not good at programming but I managed to finish this:

for (let Group of dv.pages('"inbox"').groupBy(p => p.title))
dv.paragraph( => [ + ":" + => {return ` ${t}`})])

But it outputs with things like

Obviously I want to have only one dot for each item. And I’ve got no idea about how to adjust the code. If you could provide some advice, that would be so great. Thank you so much.

I’m not able to give you any advice in dataviewjs, but I can suggest this simple dataview query:

LIST join(file.tags, ", ")
FROM "inbox"
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