How to use cryptomator?

I used Cryptomator to encrypt my files.This makes me open a new Vault every day.Because every time I open it, I have to reconfigure my plugin.Is there any good solution?

Have you tried decrypting your cryptomator folder BEFORE you try to open you last vault/open Obsidian?

AFAIK, once you open your cryptomator folder decrypted, all files in there should work as any other ordinary file. The behavior you’re describing where Obsidian ask you to create a new vault is expected if the app didn’t find the last vault file (because it’s hidden/encrypted by cryptomator).

This behavior seems to be happening when you are decrypting several Cryptomator vaults in a different order each time or have other disks/flash cards changin the order of the disk letters., because Cryptomator automatically assigns the next available drive letter to the newly decrypted vault.
You can right-click on the locked vault in Crytomator → Show vault options → Mounting tab → Select Use assigned drive letter → Choose some never used drive letter in the middle of the alphabet. Then open Obsidian, activate plugins once, and every time you re-open this vault they will be active. This works when you are synchronizing the folder between the computers as well, you need to set up Cryptomator similar way everywhere.

Hope this helps. The same thing bothered me quite a lot.