How to Update Alias References? E.g. Last Name, First Name > First Name, Last Name

Things I have tried

Manually fixing notes

What I’m trying to do

As I’m developing my note-taking system, I find I have to make a lot of changes to old notes. For example, I’m finding there is too much friction in naming “people” notes with last name first. E.g. “Doe, John”, as when I’m writing a paragraph in which I want to reference the name I write “John Doe”. So I had been creating an alias with “John Doe” and then linking to that in my paragraph. But that takes too long to do for how many names I reference on a daily basis, many of which don’t have notes yet (and I don’t want to make them yet). So I started writing the alias reference (w/o the actual note existing) which happily does work. E.g. Doe, John|John Doe. But that also takes too long.

Now I just want to make my peple notes first name, last name and changing the title does change all the links where I reference last name first. But in notes where I already linked to an alias. E.g. E.g. Doe, John|John Doe, this then breaks the connection and I’d have to go into hundreds of notes and retype the names.

Am I wrong on how this works? Is there an easy way to update all my notes at once to first name last name?



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