How to type the restriction of funcation in Obsidian?

To type symbols like a function is restricted to a subset of the domain, like "f|{A}", I would like to have a long straight line after “f”. I always use $f\bigg|{}$ to deal with it. However, I noticed that if I want to type this in a bracket, the bracket won’t automatically change its size even if I use \left \right commend. For example, if I type an inline formula $$\left( sum \right) $$, then the summation symbol with the \left \right command will make the left and right brackets large. However, if I type an inline formula $$\left( f\bigg_{A} \right) $$, then the left and right brackets will remain small even if I used \bigg in the brackets.

Thus, I would like to ask if is there a way to deal with it. I find out that if I replace $\bigg$ with $\Huge$, the brackets can enlarge automatically, however, in obsidian, I find that if I type $\Huge$ then all the things after this “Huge” will be huge, since I just hope the straight line “|” to be larger, I didn’t use this method.

Any help on this? Thanks!

I can’t help with this. But instead of a screenshot of your formulas, can you please paste the code directly? Put it inbetween triple backticks.

It will make it easy for people to copy it into Obsidian to test and help you.

$$\begin{align*} ... your code here

Also your inline formulas are not all displaying correctly. To make sure that they do, you can surround those with single backticks. For example $f\bigg|{}$ inside of a sentence.

Example "f|_{A}" renders as italics in your post, instead of showing the _


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