How to think in Dataview QL?

Hi Team,

I am fairly good at constructing complex cross table queries in SQL, but can’t quite get my brain to think in DQL… I always end up wanting to do joins to tables that don’t exist (clearly).

So I can do all the standard DV stuff, but then when I want to start doing cross matching between data sets, my brain goes blank. I have watched plenty of youtube videos on how to do the easy stuff, but I am wondering if people have a favourite or go to video how to do the complicated things?

All references to your favourite instructional videos welcomed.


You do know that there is another plugin called Query All the Things that allows you to write actual SQL queries even against Dataview itself and even allows templated output in the same codeblock to avoid having to write custom dataview code, right?

Just look over their examples :eyes: (because doing complex queries in Dataview usually requires writing JS code in dataviewjs codeblocks…)


I had no idea. That looks awesome. Thank you.

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