How to sync Obsidian with Chromebook using Linux

Things I have tried

I’ve tried sharing Google Drive with Linux, but I still don’t see Google Drive from the file picker in Obsidian.

What I’m trying to do

I have Obsidian installed on a Chromebook. When I open an existing vault, it seems that I’m only able to select files and folders that are in the Linux “directory”. In the screenshot, you can see Linux files where I have to store my md notes and vaults.

So the issue arises when I want to use iCloud or Google Drive to sync my vault across devices.

How do I select a vault that’s synced in a cloud folder when I can’t locate it using the file picker in Obsidian?

Have you tried marking the folder for your shared vault in google drive as “offline”? I know you’ll want that.

Also, this might be useful.
However google presents drive on Chromebooks, it isn’t a filesystem Obsidian can use. Looks like you will need a utility to sync google drive files to the Chromebook’s local filesystem before Obsidian can access it

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