How to sync a new file inserted on the iPhone

What I’m trying to do

I inserted a new (MD-) file into Obsidian on my iPhone this morning. Everything was fine on the iPhone. I could see and work with the file on my iPAD also.
But it was not synced to the connected VAULT on my desktop PC…

Things I have tried

If I do things the other way round: Inserting the file on the PC - then the sync to the iDevices works smootly and instantly…

What did I miss, or what have I done wrong when inserting the file on the iPhone? How do I manage things correctly to make sure that new files inserted on the iPhone are synced correctly to the PC and the connected VAULT?

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

What are you using to sync — iCloud? Obsidian Sync?

I am using Obsidian Sync.

I’ve occasionally seen questions like this but don’t remember the solution. If you can’t find the answer by searching the forum or Discord, you can email [email protected].

OK. Thanks for your reply…

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