How to simplify file interconnections in Obsidian?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make the files within a directory link automatically to each other, for easier visualization in the Graph View. Since they are already within the same directory, it means they are part of the same general context.

Things I have tried

I’ve already tried to manually create links between files in the format [[“namefile”']], but it’s confusing. Sometimes I forget to link a file that belongs to the same topic, and in the graph view, everything remains separate. My Obsidian is a mess

First of all, consider where in the file you want those links. If there’s no reason to have the link in some specific part of the file body, consider having a property like “peers” which lists all the links you’re talking about.

As for implementation: there are plugins that can automatically add links between notes in the same folder, generally in the frontmatter. Personally, I use Breadcrumbs for similar purposes, though it’s much more powerful and might be overkill.

This plugin does what you want GitHub - IdreesInc/Waypoint: Obsidian plugin that gives you the power to generate dynamic MOCs in your folder notes. Enables folders to show up in the graph view and removes the need for messy tags!, via a single in the folder that connects to all the files in that folder (the plugin keeps it up to date once set up).

My 2 cents, I’ve been using it for a while but I’m moving away from it, as I’ve found it removes a lot of the value in the graph. It clumps the files in a folder together, but that hides away the more useful and interesting connections between your notes, whether they’re in the folder or not.

If it were me, I’d put the link into a text property in the properties section of each note. The link name would be whatever your “context” is. I’m not a graph user, so it maybe that you need to put a tag property in that section instead; the tag name would be "context’.

If you want a MOC or index of this “context”, simply create a note named “context”. You’ll see at the bottom of that note a link to each of the notes you have added the property to; this is called linked mentions.

Either way this activity will help with the “mess”. Your in good company, btw.

2nd btw - you do not have to have notes in the same folder if you use links and tags like this; they are very easy to find and all the magic of Obsidian works.