How to show just a part of the text of a webpage

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Hi, just create an user account.
I need to show only a paragraph of a text of some webpage as a note in my text. Is it possible to link?

Is it possible to link?

Not following what you’re picturing. Can you add more detail?

Adding parts (or whole) of an Obsidian page to another, such as line or paragraph i.e. specific transclusion, is possible within Obsidian.
As far as I know, what you are trying is not possible because you’re using Embedding i.e. (adding items not natively within Obsidian). You can add a simple URL by itself, or embed the page it leads to, but not parts of the page.
This is because of the limitations of how various outside formats, so to speak, are processed within the program.

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Thanks, I got you.

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