How to show content inside $$ (dollar signs) as plaintext

What I’m trying to do

Whenever I paste password hashes, eg:


Obsidian displays them as:

As you can see, the $ symbols are omitted here and are only displayed when I select the whole text:

Based on my googling, this appears to be LaTeX. But I have no need for Latex or any such formatting. Is there a way to just display this as plaintext (as-is). Or to just turn off Latex.

What I have tried

I have googled the problem and found a similar topic in Obsidian forum, where they are telling to escape the dollar symbol. This doesn’t really work for me as it is a hassle especially when I have to not down things quickly and I’m dealing with large amounts of data.

Please Help…

If escaping the the dollar sign doesn’t work for you, you can try paired single or triple backticks ( ` ) to create a code block (screenshot is from Source mode).

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Or possibly use <code> ... </code> around your stuff, since Obsidian don’t like markdown within html tags…

Is there no other way? I was really hoping for a turn off switch or someway to stop rendering LaTeX.

That technically works, but not ideal when you are in a hurry.

It can be automated through templates and/or hotkeys.

There isn’t any option just to turn it off, AFAIK.

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