How to setup crash log to file?

Things I have tried

v0.13.33. Windows 10, repo on OneDrive folder, working well for months until constant black-screen crashes today. I tried many things with varied results:

  • uninstall/reinstall, reboot - no change
  • safe mode - seems ok, but think one crash
  • load debugger performance switch - shows apps load and their times, looks to complete, then up to 1 minute later crash
  • use chrome debugger developer view - when the crash it states “detached” from the app - so can’t learn what/why from this view (unless setup tricks for this?)
  • turn off incrementally community plugins - inconclusive
  • remove community plug-in menu items - hints maybe related, but not reproducible
  • delete cache file - no change
  • search this forum and the internet broadly

What I’m trying to do

I’ve encountered very frequent crashing today for some reason. After load, it seems normal and usable, but varied time delay until it just black-screens. I’m trying to debug what is causing it - the chrome debugger view doesn’t help as it ‘detaches’ when the issue happens, so can’t see anything.

Is there a known method to setup a log file that could capture either the activity that leads up to the issue, or specifically the details of the crash?

I’d like to understand if it is a plug-in issue vs core or other (my system). If plug-in, knowing which one and any details so I can follow-up with that community.

Thanks in advance.

More trial and error on community plug-ins, may have found the culprit. Still question holds how to obtain useful debug info before the crash.

+1 for any log files.

Mine is crashing once a day minimum. Obsidian screen goes blank for 5seconds and comes back, really annoying, I’m sure it’s the chrome parsing crashing.
I need a log file to be able to investigate.

I don’t have any community plugins enabled.

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