How to set hotkey for dropdown menu item

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a hotkey that when pressed, right clicks to open the dropdown menu, then moves down to item 6 and presses enter. This is so I could instantly open a selected note in a canvas in a new tab. Normally when a note wiki-link is selected it opens the note with command+enter. In canvas if you select an embedded note, it can only be opened in a new tab with the dropdown menu.

Things I have tried

I have looked through all the shortcuts and not found any keybindings for opening embedded notes from canvases.

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What OS are you using? To do stuff like you’ve described it would likely be best to search for some macro app. For example, Better Touch Tool, or Hammerspoon on MacOS which can control things like that.

It could be brittle, especially if the order of the menu ever changes. You would need to tune where the selection moves in the menu.

For inside Obsidian, that might make a good Feature requests , or a Plugins ideas because maybe it could be coded in a community plugin, so it could be a command/hotkey.

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