How to send quick notes to my vault on github

This is a relatively specific request, but may also be useful to others.

Let me describe my setup:

  • I only use obsidian on my pc and save the vault on github.
  • I use git in the command line, because also the commit process / version history is important to me.
  • But I would like to occasionally send an idea or task from my phone to the vault. Possible channels could be a specific app, but also a telegram bot or an email address to send things to.
    Note: I don’t want to edit a note on the phone or have the full vault there. I only want to send one line that is then added to a note.

Has anyone an idea how to achieve this?

The problem is a bit, how to get it into github. But it would also be thinkable to just receive it in the obsidian client, the next time I open it.

iPhone or Android phone?

One way to do this on iOS would be to:

  1. Clone the repo with the Working Copy app.
  2. Write an iOS shortcut that will prompt you for the text, write the note to a file and commit the file. It looks like Working Copy has the right shortcut hooks for that.