How to selectively share notes w/ attachment images via GitHub?

What I have tried:

My partner is a professional web developer and now started to use Obsidian for her tech notes taking with the Zettelkasten method. With all atomic notes put into a single folder and all attachments (mostly screenshot images pasted along with note texts by wikilinks) in its subfolder called “attachments”, she now is happy about how this setup can deliver in terms of managing her tech knowledge (of course we have some additional tricks to make this methodology work, but that’s not the point of this thread).

What we want to do now is to sync & share some but not all of the notes with their attachments to her colleagues via GitHub. We’ve already known how to do it in the way described here:
https://Sync Your Obsidian Vault for Free with Github – Curtis McHale

She uses GitHub to sync & share codes with others on a daily basis so this should be very easy for her. The problem is we don’t know how to share only some of the notes, but not the entire vault.

Yes she can create a new vault for this syncing & sharing purposes, but that way we’ll face a new problem, which is “how to sync the selected notes & attachments between these two local vault folders?”.

If we manually copy the selected notes to this new vault, how can we identify and move the linked attachments with them? Now all attachments are stored in a single subfolder with timestamps as their file names, how is it possible to find every single of them when copying the notes they’re liking to every time we need to do so?

What I’m trying to do

We’re looking for a smooth, problem-free workflow to constantly sync and share only selected Obsidian notes with their attachments (mostly images inserted between texts with wikilinks) via GitHub so other teammates can use it as a public knowledge vault.

Any input is appreciated.



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