How to see if a header has backlinks?

I understand that renaming a header auto-updates links only if you use the dropdown menu to change its name, but… how to tell whether I should be worried whether a particular header has backlinks? If there are no backlinks to the header, then I can edit its name very simply (without using dropdown menu).

I am aware of the backlink pane but that seems to list backlinks pointing to the current note. What about backlinks that point to a specific header within the note?



You could use the Block Reference Count plugin which shows a reference count beside a header/block when it is linked somewhere else.

It won’t show the header’s backlinks but should suffice for your need

Tried the plugin and clicking the reference count actually shows the backlinks :eyes:

Thanks for the tip. The preview video on the GitHub site appears to be a broken link.

A brute-force method I’ve been using is to scan the backlinks for the file to see if any links contain a format note-title#header-title. That is obviously quite tedious.

I’ll fix the link. The plugin basically does what you want.

I want to preface this by saying the plugin is perfectly good for most use cases. I also very much appreciate the plugin and am going to start using it on smaller vaults.

That being said, it really would be so very nice to see this as a core feature. I have a large vault and get performance issues when using the plugin. Again, on a lighter vault, the plugin works just fine. But, unfortunately once installed and after giving it a full day of use to index, it still made my vault regularly pause while scrolling and even typing no matter what I tried. Also, often times even then the reference count buttons would disappear. I have this as the only community plugin installed. Of course, I truly hope to find a way to get it to work and return and delete this post, but until then I will strongly voice my support to make something like this built in. Fortunately, there appears to be a non-zero amount of hope to hold onto:

Again, this plugin appears to be a good solution for most, as it was recommended by a very trustworthy source. I will surely continue to troubleshoot it and see if I can get it to operate normally on my vault.


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