How to search all my unticked with [ ]

Is there a way to search to ALL my unticked [ ], instead of wikilink [[ ]]?

You mean like a list of todo’s over all files.

Searching for “- [ ]” should work. Including the “”


Thank you very much

Hi, it seems that as of 0.9.14 searching for “- [ ]” does not make any search at all.
I’m using theme Gruvbox and even coming back to default theme, does not work anymore.
Is there a way or workaround to search for unchecked checkbox?

One workaround would be to use a regex, for example:

/- \[ \].*/

Don’t forget the slashes – they’re important.

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Thank you very much @Craig

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Use task-todo:"" to match all uncompleted tasks.
See search operators in the help center.

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