How to restore data loss (a note with full of dots)?

after restarting my pc I encounter this dots.

and result of my search in recovery data plugin was this:

I had my google drive synced with my vault but as I find out my note has gone, I understood that the last buggy version of my note has synced in google drive too.

If there aren’t older version of the note in file recovery or google drive, there’s nothing we can do.

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Were you editing the note for less than 5 minutes? Or was your File Recovery settings set to a longer interval?

Google Drive may have a version snapshot history. I see it referenced in websites, but I can’t find the feature myself, in my own drive. That link shows “Manage versions” when you right-click on a file. I don’t seem to have that feature for some reason. But you might find it that way.

I encourage you to keep backups, and don’t rely on “sync” services to be your only source of backups or version control.

This article describes why Google Drive should not be considered a true backup solution: Google Backup and Sync: Is It Really Backup? | Spanning

Sorry that you lost data. :frowning:

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