How to report bugs on an insider build, with Catalyst license?

Hi! I’ve bought a Catalyst license so that I have access to the insider build and can test out the new wysiwyg editing feature. Right off the bat I found two highly annoying bugs that will probably prevent me from using wysiwyg (as awesome as it is) until fixed. I’d like to report these bugs, however the release notes say the following:

The live preview mode is highly experimental and many bugs are expected. Please report bugs in the Discord server under the
Live Preview bug reports thread.

Yet I don’t see a “Live Preview bug reports” thread on Discord. Maybe this is because I’m only on a Catalyst license, not a Supporter or VIP license which would give me “access to the exclusive dev channel”.

What’s the best / most useful way for me to report Live Preview bugs, and check existing bug reports so I don’t send a duplicate?

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If you are signed in on the Obsidian Discord, then you ought to be able to see the Live Preview channel and the Live Preview Bug Reports sub-thread. Any Catalyst gives you access to those channels.

The thread is under #insider-desktop.

Catalyst includes insider, supporter and VIP tiers. Starting from the insider tier you get access to this channel and also the thread in it.

For the time being, please report live preview bugs on discord: Discord

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