How to refresh numbered list?

When deleting an item from a numbered list, the numbering does not auto-update. I tried to toggle numbering on one of the line-items, but that did not refresh the numbering for the entire list. I tried to toggle between Preview and Edit mode to see if that forces a refresh. No luck. Am I missing something obvious?

Numbered lists don’t auto-update in edit mode, but I think that when you toggle over to preview the numbering is correct no matter which numbers are shown in the edit pane. If preview is correct, then printing will be correct too.

You can also support this feature request

MultiMarkdown Composer has such a feature. It can “clean up” lists, tables, etc. I think other Markdown editors might also be able to achieve this. Such is the beauty of Markdown and pure text: you can edit it with different apps and it’s beneficial to keep a few at hand for such situations.

Olivier :-{)

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That’s good to know! Thanks!

I also just found the Markdown Prettifier plugin in community plugins. It does lots of interesting things and it normalizes ordered lists too.

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Brett Terpstra also has a PopClip macro that will correct this using the mouse:

Numbered lists
Holding Option (⌥) while clicking the button for the extension in the PopClip bar will create/update a numbered list instead. When the list is already a numbered list, it will be re-numbered to fix any gaps or out-of-order numbering within nest levels.

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