How to recover snapshots automatically

So some error in syncthing deleted some files that I had (the files were outdated with the version of my phone) Everything got deleted the git repo and I didn’t have set up version control. But thankfully checking at the snapshots in obsidian, the files are there, but in the docs it says to copy to the clipboard and create a new note, but this get tedious as there is multiple files, there is any way I could recover all of them automatically?.
I would appreciate your help guys

Was discussed on Discord a bit. kelvinjps’s only versions of the notes are the File recovery snapshots unfortunately.

As far as I can tell, there is no bulk restore of snapshots, so they will have to do them one-by-one.

My understanding of File Recovery snapshots is that they are a safety net for individual notes you may have messed up, templates you may have templated over and need to roll back a version, etc. It’s not a backup or bulk restore feature.

For anyone following along, please have a look at the links below to get backups setup in any way that you can:


Although not what expected, I could recover the files manually, a bit tedious but I did it. (thanks obsidian developers for implementing this feature) I was able to remember the files and some of them where in chronological order when you type something in the search for file part, making it easier, I wonder If a plugin which implements this functionality could be made, for other people that made the same mistake of not properly backing up his data. The only thing is that for what I’ve seen the snapshots are not save in vault or root folder, it’s on the app data folder on indexdb making it a bit harder to implement.
Again thanks to the developers for the feature.

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