Was like this:

I used to have the Style Settings (SS) icon in the right sidepanel for quick and easy access. Somehow it has disappeared and I forgot how to put it there again :disappointed:.

I saw another answer somewhere on an unrelated question the guy said just “grab the icon and drag it there” yeah well I wish that was easy. That is not an option maybe because of the new update(?)

Things I have tried

Only thing we have available is to use a plugin for customizing sidebar. Issue with that is it puts it into the left sidebar and it opens a whole new tab for it. Instead of having it in the right sidebar not taking up a whole new tab or window.

Thanks in advance, folks.

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Maybe something like this?



Awesome thank you, that worked.

Glad you could follow that. I swear that GIF is sped up, I don’t remember going that fast. :laughing:

The glove grabber thing and moving tabs around is a little tricky - it isn’t an exact science where something will end up - but you can usually get it after a few tries.

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Ahaha yeah the glove finger thing always tripped me out. Luckily Obsidian gives preview highlights where a thing would get dropped. And I swear I’m not that much of a noob, I legit just forgot how to do it, forgot that you had to open up style settings in a tab :man_facepalming:

(Because by default it opens up in the regular settings popup :sweat_smile:)

But much appreciated man, glad you stumbled upon my post out of the many thousands and even more glad you offered your 2-cents with your lovely super fast gif :laughing:. You’re good though, it was easy to follow :pray::heart:

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