How to "push" a block to another note

Sorry for the newbie question!

I’m in the process of comparing Roam vs Obsidian. What I like about Roam is that I can take meeting notes in my daily note. If a block (e.g. a bullet and its sub-bullets) is about topic Foo, I simply link the top-most bullet to page Foo so that the list gets “pushed” to that page from the daily note. When I go to page Foo later, I get to see every meeting notes about topic Foo embedded there, and I can synthesize by typing in page Foo.

I know Obsidian has support for block linking and transclude, but it seems to work in the “pull” mode, i.e. I need to edit page Foo and link to the blocks in all my daily notes to “pull” them to a centralized page. I feel I must be missing something here, or perhaps Obsidian is not optimized for such workflow?

Thank you in advance for any pointers!


As it happens, this is something I’m planning for the Workbench plugin.

Workbench provides a suite of commands for copying bits of whatever you’re looking at into a target note. Currently, you can achieve this “push” workflow by:

  • Invoking the Change Workbench command and choosing the destination note; then
  • invoking the link block command to push the block you’re looking at to the provided destination.

I’d like to provide a command that switches the order of the above. When you invoke it, it would ask you to select a destination note, and it would then copy/embed the current block to your chosen destination. One step instead of two.

This isn’t hard to do, I just haven’t had time to do it… yet…


Good to know! Thank you for the reply. I’ll keep an eye out for the update.

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well, have my upvote for that feature. Would also get us one step closer to do open coding in Obsidian!