How to place a cursor in a template

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I am trying to set up some very simple text snippets — one to insert a blank annotation block (using the annotation plugin) and one to add metadata to the beginning of a file in which tags will go. I want the tags all in the metadata for consistency and possible later sorting and filtering.

This seems to be incredibly difficult to set up so that a keystroke will do what I want. The big templater plugin looks like overkill and the little one doesn’t seem to have any way to place the cursor inside the templated block. Can anyone help me? Ideally I want something I can put onto a hotkey so that when the thought for a note or a tag strike me I can simply hit ctrl-alt-widdershins-f12 or whatever and have the furniture dropped in place.

I have tried knocking something up in autohotkey buit this seems to clash with built-in Obs shortcuts, so that playing my annotation sequence takes me into graph view instead.

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As far as I know, only Templater (with multiple cursor locations even) and Text Snippets (in a simple way, one cursor after insert) support this.

You’ll probably end up using Templater anyway, I might guess—it’s just so practical … :wink:

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