How to open iCloud/obsidian in iOS

I can open the iCloud/obsidian folder as a vault in the Mac app but not in the iOS app. Couldn’t leave the vault name empty or go with slash /.

How do I do this?

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You can’t use the top-level Obsidian App Container folder as a vault, sorry. The app is designed to support multiple vaults, so you need to instantiate it with a folder inside the iCloud Drive/Obsidian folder.

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Thanks @ryanjamurphy :slight_smile:

Is it a limitation of an iOS app? I thought it’s neat when Mac version opened the top level folder as “Documents”. Still want to see that in the iOS app.

You can access the Obsidian Folder in iOS with the App „a-Shell“. It’s free and available from the Apple App Store.

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It’s less a limitation of the iOS app, and more an accidental benefit of the macOS file system. Again, the idea is to let you host multiple vaults via iCloud Drive sync—you wouldn’t be able to do this if the App Container folder was your only vault.

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Um, is there any fundamental difference between a vault and a folder other than calling them so?

Because, if not, I like the idea of hosting multiple vaults but being able to access many folders within the top-level folder still feels much like having many vaults. And users still can narrow their scope by opening specific folder as a vault.

Thanks @SamAdams, but I don’t know much about shell. Do you mean a-shell enables me to open Obsidian folder with Obsidian iOS app with a-shell? Otherwise, I can open it with good’ol Files app.

No, „a-shell“ is just a terminal emulator on the iPad and you can do most of the things you can do in a terminal on a desktop computer. For instance, you can access the hidden obsidian-folder in your vault, what you can’t do with Apples file-app.

Oh okay that’s cool.

But what I really want to do here is to simply open the Obsidian folder itself, not hidden or anything. Thank you anyway @SamAdams

In this case, there’s a difference between a folder and an app’s ubiquity container:

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