How to navigate through the calendar pane

Things I have tried

I use periodic daily notes as my journal but one issue is that with lots of entries I find I have to locate earlier notes by clicking the calendar months one at a time.

I’ve searched the forum on this one

Is there any way to more quickly or efficiently move through calendar entries? Like jump to last May?


What I’m trying to do

I’ve never tried it, but I just saw “Obsidian42 Jump-To-Date” which can navigate with natural langage keywords like “today” or “may 5”.

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Thanks; that works great. I can’t use natural language because I started all this with AU calendar format notes DD/MM/YYYY but the calendar popup does the trick.

I haven’t tried the plugin, but I assume typing natural language is just a search, and then it resolves the link to your calendar format. Or did you try, and it doesn’t?

I couldn’t get it to work, but your reasoning makes sense. I’ll try again.

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