How to make the position of the outline be remembered

Sometimes since I use many headings, my outline will be very long. To be more specific, when I finish looking at page “A”, I go to page “B”. Then when I go back to page ”A" the scroll bar of the outline of the page “A” will move to the top automatically.

Thus I’m wondering that is there a way to not make this automatic moving up of the outline scroll bar when I open(or return) to a page. Thank you!

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I’m not addressing directly your problem, but you could use Symbols mode in QuickSwitcher++ to navigate in your note.

You can also run command Outline: open outline of the current file. And finally you can run Split down or Split right to view two copies of your note.

If you want specific help, you should clarify what you mean by going back. Do you press back arrow or do something else.

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Same issue here. If I’m clicking between two very long documents because I already have multiple documents open, or I’m still in the process of bringing my project in and haven’t yet made a million notes, or if I’ve got a mega note that embeds other notes under various headings, I don’t want the outline resetting to the top all the time. I’d like it to remember where I put it, or at least to be matching up to where I am currently in the document.

I have a related ‘bug’ which I am not sure is vanilla yet or not, and will post that separately - basically if I’m at the bottom of the outline, I type a few words and the scroll bar in the outline will reset to the ‘middle’ of the outline, so I can’t see the outline for where I’m working without repeatedly scrolling it back down. This happens whether I’ve opened an outline as blue_emperor described, or whether it’s the outline tab in the right hand pane.

I tried to reproduce the problem again. Now I also understand the problem. It’s not unintended behaviour I think and you should post it as new feature request. Implementing such feature is not straightforward because scrolling position has to be identified somehow at regular time intervals, stored to memory and then reproduced after the note is opened. This all comes with memory and performance considerations.

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