How to make obsidian window 'sticky' on X Windows

Normally, every window topbar shows the window title and window manager icons for minimizing, maximizing and closing the window. Normally, one can also invoke a window manager meny from this topbar.

When running Obsidian on an X Windows system (ubuntu), I see the topbar with window manager icons; however, I cannot open the window manager menu from the topbar.
This window manager menu is very useful to move the window to a different desktop or to make it appear across all desktops.

I tried a different approach to do this using the wmctrl utility: wmctrl - A command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager.

I can use this utility to move the Obsidian window to a different desktop, e.g.:

wmctrl -r Obsidian -t 0

but I cannot make the Obsidian window appear on all desktops:

wmctrl -r Obsidian -r add,sticky

the above command succeeds but it does not have the intended effect.

Is there an alternate solution to this or is this a bug on the linux Obsidian image?

  • Nicolas.