How to make a request to an API but in Server Side

So Im currently developing a Google Bard plugin where it needs to fetch to google bard server. The request resulted in 200 when I fetch it using nodejs (Server Side), however when I try to make the request in Obsidian Plugin, the request got denied (403).

The error only shown : GET 403.

So far I haven’t found any solution yet to be able making a request as Server Side for my Obsidian Plugin. Is there anyway to do that?

Maybe it has something to do with CORS. are you using requestUrl from the obsidian module?

I am looking forward to try your plugin :grinning:

whoa thx so much for this! I have published it on GitHub - Aldhanekaa/GoogleBardObsidian: Explore new possibilities of learning with Integration of Bard in your Obsidian Notes! It's totally free! It can also shows images in the response! , it is still under a review for being listed on Obsidian Community Plugin

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