How to make a dataview query with the name of the current note as a link?

I have a category as a link to a note, I need to make a dataview query to display all notes in which the name of the current note is written in the category.
That is, in the note I have written
category::: [[note1]]

In note1 itself I write the query

WHERE contains(category, [[]])

it doesn’t work, it only works if you remove the brackets [[ ]] both in the query and in the category itself, so that it looks like this
category::: note1
and the working query looks like this

WHERE contains(category,

but then the category is no longer a reference to the note

Instead of this.file.note, try using [[]] I don’t use inline properties for the linking, so that could be part of the issue but dataview queries of that form work for me to do what you want to do.

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Inline fields should have two colons, not three like in your example above there. Other than that if you want to build a link to check against based on the file name I would rather use either [[]] which was suggested or based on other fields, you could also use link(this.someOtherFilename). The syntax [[my note]] is mostly used for a fixed note name, but it’s slightly unsafe to use (as well as them not being recognised as proper links by Obsidian).

In short, using either [[]] for the current file, property: "[[a note]]" in the frontmatter, or just inText:: [[another note]] is the three most common and useful ways to define links which are respected by Obsidian as proper links.

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