How to make a cover image for my note show up if the path is local

Things I have tried

So I have a “library” dataview page, and each note that shows up in it has a cover image. Some of the images are saved locally and I am not sure how to make the dataview plugin go to the designated local address to get that image. The image is within my vault. It seems that the dataview query only works for internet addresses.

Here is my dataview

TABLE WITHOUT ID ("![coverimg|200](" + cover + ")") AS Cover, AS "Note", category as "Category", length as "length", status as "status" 
FROM #reference AND -#finished AND -#archived 
sort length ASC, status DESC

Here are the text I tried in frontmatter following "cover:: "

  1. <Archive/Files/BASISWCPKG.png>
  2. obsidian://open?vault=🧠&file=Archive%2FFiles%2FBASISWCPKG.png
  3. <BASISWCPKG.png>
  4. ![[BASISWCPKG.png]]

And none of them show the PNG image in dataview

What I want to do

Make a local path (especially within the same vault) work for cover img

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