How to link to top of heading's section rather than bottom

Things I have tried

Hi all. New user. Great tool. Glad to be here. Help please: in a note i have heading 1, 2 and 3. in the top paragraph I internally link to the heading 1. Then i click the link. it takes me to the bottom of the heading 3 and it highlihgts from the heading 1 to heading 3. but i want to go to the heading 3 that i linked. Tried to link with the caret but it not only links with an id number but it also creates that id number under the heading and creates a gap line above and below it.
Simple solution to link to a heading 1 and the link to take me to that heading 1 and not the contents of it or the subheadings of it?
Humble thanks to anyone.

What I’m trying to do

In order to link to headings, start typing [[# - it seems to me that you rather linked to a block (which requires ^). If that doesn’t help, could you post a screenshot when in source mode?

Thanks for the reply. The screenshot should show the problem i am facing. i am in edit mode. and i want to always be in edit mode. i create a link to heading 1.
and instead of it taking me to the heading 1, it takes me to the last paragraph of the last subheading under that heading 1.
Screenshot 1 = the link i added.
Screenshot 2 = Where it takes me when i click.
Screenshot 3 = The heading 1 i link to.

OK, you did everything right. I just realized that I am having exactly the same problem when staying in edit mode: it jumps to the wrong place and highlights a couple of paragraphs. Everything working fine in reading mode (which is where I usually use links to headings quite regularly). So that might be a bug, possibly?

Edit: This seems to be a long known bug:

So it seems that the only workaround for now is to switch to reading mode before following a link.

Thanks greatly for the reply. have a good day.

I have also had this problem! You might be able to get around it with making an extra blockid and block link, but that would be tedious. E.g.

# Saint Vincent Beer

Words in a paragraph about this topic.

Note: I changed the title of this thread so that it is a little clearer for folks who just read titles (e.g. on mobile) to know what the question is about. Hope that is ok with you! If you prefer a different wording, I should be able to change it again.

Absolutely fine with me.
I tried the technique you recommended. Indeed, tedious. I might use it though for few and very important links. At the very least, good to know it.


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