How to keep your graphs from getting overwhelmed by "Index" pages

I have a few “index” or “Maps of Content MOC” pages, and each of them has a ton of links. They often overwhelm my graph, especially if I go beyond 1 degree of separation in the “depth” setting. But by filtering them out of my graph, what remains is a much more meaningful graph.

Here’s an example: I have a page people index that contains a link to every page that I have for an individual person. Since this has hundreds of links, it takes a domineering position in my graph. And these aren’t really very useful in the graph; the connections don’t represent any meaningful connections between the content of those pages. They are merely all pages of the same type.I suppose I could delete them, but they it’s a handy an a jumping off point or as an overview, and sometimes I “pin” it in Preview mode, and click on various names to review the status of the pages.

To fix this, I insert a set of search items between parentheses, with a - in front, and that filters out all those index nodes graphs (local or global):

-(000 Home OR 010 People Index OR "#literaturenote")

This excludes both of those index pages, giving me must more interesting results. Note that I’ve also included a common tag, to exclude that as well, while still toggling “Tags” on in the graph setting.


I do similar to exclude my “Sources” folder (essentially literature notes), #daily notes, etc. The search functions are very powerful and in many cases can solve problems that I originally thought required me to keep separate vaults, organize differently, new plugins, etc.

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Good suggestion to leverage the power of folders more. It’s a real strength of Obsidian you can keep everything together but filter what you see in so many ways! (Like local graphs.)