How to keep quote syntax from applying to the next line of text?

I have two lines of text, and I want a quote syntax to be applied only to the first one:

> Line 1
Line 2

Obsidian will apply the quote syntax (>) to the both rows, even though I applied it only to the first one. Is there any way to escape this behavior, other than adding an empty row between them?

Don’t think there’s any option to having an empty line between those two paragraphs. As long as there isn’t an empty row between the lines, they’re considered to be part of the same block.


What is a technical definition of a block in Obsidian? I’m thinking only in terms of txt file, i.e. lines and formatting characters.

Different types of document elements are described in GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec. Usually block quotes and lists treat paragraphs so that they can span multiple lines. In this case > can be used or omitted in subsequent lines. By default the source text for paragraphs can contain multiple non‑empty lines but these line breaks are not necessary rendered—this implicates that authors are not forced to avoid accidental line breaks. I’m not sure if GFM applies this idea to accidental spaces in paragraphs as well. GFM includes syntax for explicit line breaks:


In general poems and such should be written using explicit line breaks because these explicit line breaks serve important structural meaning.

To have two paragraphs in one block quote, use this syntax:

> foo
> bar

Blank line is needed to separate a block quote and a paragraph:

> bar


Blank line is not needed to separate a paragraph and a block quote:

> bar

In general block quotes can be interrupted by other document elements:

> foo

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