How to install obsidian-regex-file-hider?

What I’m trying to do

Hello guys, I have had some problems installing the obsidian-regex-file-hider plugin, could anyone help me?

Things I have tried

  1. Tried to downloaded the whole project and put it in \.obsidian\plugins\obsidian-regex-file-hider-main directory, but when I enabled it, I got a message “failed to load plugin regex-file-hider”.
  2. Installing with the BRAT plugin, I get “main.js is missing”

I get the same error with BRAT. You should let them know on their GitHub page.

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Thank you but there is no issues page on GitHub

Near the bottom of the README is a small sections saying to report bugs etc. at

There’s a button at that link that I suppose opens a form or something.

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Thank you, the link points to the issues page but it’s not available :expressionless:

I might have figured out why the repository can’t be installed because it’s not compiled. Users probably need to install NodeJS themselves and compile it from main.ts to main.js :face_exhaling:

I see, the button leads to nothing. Sorry about that!

The developer’s GitHub profile lists an email address (and some other links), so you could try messaging them that way.

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