How to insert css into obsidian?

I’m new to obsidian and I wanted to know how to put the css plug “in” obsidian.
For example I need RTL plugin and I saw someone has made a css code but I have no idea on how to implant it to obsidian.

Enable the CSS plug-in, then edit obsidian.css in your vault at the root level.

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I dont think I did it right. I’ve edit the file and nothing happend @moderators

Was the CSS code you found made for Obsidian? Can you share it?

I got it from the link above @moderators

Please don’t tag moderators every post!

First thing: that thread is asking for an RTL plugin. It hasn’t been created.

There is some CSS code discussed in that thread, but it’s unclear to me if anyone’s gotten it to work yet. Perhaps ask there, citing some of the specific CSS you have tried?

Hey, you may want to see my post on how to customise theme using css and devtool, it might give you a better idea what to do

Hope this helps!