How to import from mybase to obsidian?

Methods I have tried:

  1. Export markdown directly from mybase, but there are many base64 images that cannot be converted into local images.
  2. Use mybase to export HTML, and then use pandoc to convert HTML to Markdown, but it still contains base64 images. I tried to use the --extract-media=DIR command, but the image cannot be generated, and the markdown file contains a lot of redundant character about font styles. The command I use is:
    pandoc -f html -t markdown xxx.html -s -o --extract-media=DIR, I don’t know what’s wrong.
  3. I found that obsidian has a plugin that can import from evernote, and evernote can only import from onenote in addition to its own format, but onenote cannot import HTML. It seems that there are plugins that can do it, but there is no free one.
    And whether export markdown or HTML from mybase, multiple articles are in one file, and each article cannot be displayed separately in obsidian.
    Can someone help me?

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