How to hide hash symbol in hastag

Is there any way I can hide the hash symbol in a hashtag in the preview?


This markdown syntax works at hiding a tag, but the tag won’t appear in the Obsidian tag list.

Pehaps soemone in the community has a better solution so a tag is hidden but appears in the Obsidan tag list.

What is Metadata Tagging?

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Tags: 1. appear in Editing Mode not in Viewing Mode
2. still are able to be listed in the tag panel

I think, tags above should be very practical and useful. Maybe, there need two kinds of tag in Obsidian. Or provide a option of toggling tags on or off in Viewing Mode. Is there any workaround?

Blocks(actually, block’s names) in Obsidian should be given tags which can explain the properties of blocks. Later on, the blocks can be grouped or searched for based the tag . Do you think it is a good idea?


I just found that, with repect to Blocks, the aforementioned funtions have been implemented, in particular with the help of Global Blocks.

Looking back, what are Tags for ? Same tag names can be repeated in the note, vault. But a block name should be unique globally. It seems Tags work as a supplement for Blocks, after all the one paragraph makes a block.